ReaperCon 2019

ReaperCon is a 4-day convention that’s a celebration of the hobby of miniatures and miniatures painting!


ReaperCon is held by Reaper Miniatures, one of the world's largest independent miniatures manufacturers.

ReaperCon brings in some of the best talent in the miniatures and gaming industry - world-class sculptors, painters and illustrators - and invites you to join us for four days of classes, seminars, games, and fun!

ReaperCon is for you if:

·   You love miniatures

·   You love painting

·   You love tabletop and role-playing games

·   You want to learn how to paint

·   You want to learn how to be a better painter

·   You want to connect with great people who have the same hobby as you in an energetic, fun environment!