ISPS-US 19th Annual Meeting: Love + Justice in Engaging Psychosis and Extreme States

October 23-25, 2020

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About the Meeting

The socioeconomic and political landscape in the United States determines healthcare access and delivery. Vastly imperfect and fragmented medical, legal and social service systems impact how we care, and don't care, for people experiencing psychosis and extreme states. With the basic human needs of millions unmet, with jails and prisons the default mental health treatment providers for thousands, and with divisive public rhetoric and policies leading many of us to check out, numb and exhausted, the possibilities for meaningful change can seem more elusive than ever.

The 19th Annual Meeting of ISPS-US will convene a diversity of ideas, perspectives, and approaches that inspire a way forward and unite us in our commitment to continue challenging the status quo. From innovative models of mental health treatment developed across borders, to collaborations aimed at removing systemic barriers, to common-sense ideas hiding in plain sight, ISPS-US will showcase how care and recovery are alive and well, often in unexpected places. Celebrating this compassionate and effective work, and refusing to adjust to the unconscionable, is our mandate for the conference.

Planned in the southern United States for the first time, in the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, ISPS-US will bring together a vibrant community of researchers, clinicians, peer support specialists, and deep-thinkers, including people with lived experience and their families and allies, to share our hopes and visions for the new decade. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice," and "hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that" In this spirit, we reaffirm our belief that healing, recovery, and transformation, so urgently needed, are indeed possible and are happening every day. Please join us for this inspiring event.

Keynote Speaker: Chacku Mathai

The Role of Love, Psychosis and Other Extreme States in Undoing Racism

Honoree: Michael Garrett, MD

Psychosis Seen As An Autobiographical Play Staged Not In A Theater But In The Real World – Connections Between Psychosis and Ordinary Mental Life

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