Dream Con 2024

July 26th - 28th

Dream Con is a premier convention bringing together like-minded individuals to enjoy the festivities of Japanese culture as well as comics, gaming, art, music and much more! Celebrate all of your favorite fandoms, participate in fun events and enjoy an experience like no other! 

NOTE: Due to high demand, Badges and Tickets are not guaranteed regardless of wait time in virtual queue 

Staff highly recommends reviewing the policies enclosed in the links below as each purchase represents a binding agreement ensuring a customer/attendee has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the outlined procedures and protocol:

REGISTRATION FAQ: https://www.dreamconvention.com/faqs




- Highly-anticipated activities with limited capacities such as meet and greets, sporting events, popular panels (especially those featuring celebrity guests) and other select programming may require participation in a lottery, reservation, or other special registration process for the potential opportunity to gain entry. Selection is not guaranteed and based on a myriad of factors. Please plan accordingly before purchasing an admissions badge.

- Aspiring Panelists should purchase their general weekend badge during the drop of their choice. If accepted, your badge will be converted to a Panelist Badge to take advantage of the Panelist Package, both new this year! Please review the official Dream Con website for details.

- All admission badge rewards, perks, benefits, and policies are subject to change at the discretion of Dream Con staff without notice.

- PREMIUM badges are available in limited quantities to customers with pre-purchased weekend badges but are not guaranteed to every qualifying person/attendee. Please review the product description of this badge in full by clicking the text labelled "more..." for full details regarding policy, protocol, perks/rewards and special promotions associated with this admission type. During the standard release in June 2024, only the monetary difference between a premium badge and pre-purchased weekend badge is required at checkout to complete the order. Customers with 2023 platinum badge orders that are registered on the billing information within LEAP/GrowTix and looking to claim this badge type prior to June 2024 may use the 27-character transaction ID (EXAMPLE: ch_3MhPHkDujTS7FpYN0BdKAXCw) from their previous 2023 confirmation web page as a single-use promo code at checkout to redeem this offer at no cost. Other qualified participants and badge types from the Dream Con 2023 RDCworld Panel Offer submitted via the QR code will complete the standard purchase protocol.  Feel free to contact LEAP/GrowTix Customer Support via their Customer Support portal https://support.growtix.com/s/contact for any technical errors with the platform. Limited assistance regarding select issues may also be available from info@dreamconvention.com depending on the scope of the incident. Be advised all purchase links and promo codes associated with this limited-time offer are single-use and will immediately expire when redeemed by an eligible participant or after the May 31st; whichever comes first. Please make sure to enter the transaction ID exactly as it appears at the bottom of the confirmation page. If successfully applied, green text should appear on the screen: likely to the left of the Apply Promo Code input field. NOTE: The input field is highly sensitive to extra spaces and incorrect capitalization which may result in a generic invalid error message due to user error. Are you the original primary customer of your GrowTix order containing platinum badges but can’t find the order transaction ID or experiencing technical issues? Feel free to contact LEAP/GrowTix Customer Support via the aforementioned portal or use the link provided on the Dream Con website FAQ.


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Austin Convention Center and Hilton Austin

500 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX

Hilton Austin

500 East 4th Street
Austin, TX