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ReaperCon 2018 Schedule :: Josh Davis

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There is a limit of 8 classes per attendee at this time.

You must register for any Reaper U class you wish to take before purchasing your ticket; you are not guaranteed a seat in your class until tickets become active and you purchase your tickets.

If you have registered for a class and it has sold out, please keep in mind that there will be two class tickets that will be available at ReaperCon registration on the day of the class in question.

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Josh Davis

Hi! I'm Josh Davis, owner of Mini Painting Studio! I've been involved in the miniature painting hobby for around 20 years and I have been painting full time for almost 2. I run daily live streams on Facebook, commission previews and an education focused Patreon as well! You can see most of my work, live streams and other promos / information I'm involved in at . I look forward to teaching and sharing tips and info at ReaperCon and meeting tons of rad people! The cat in the photo is my studio assistant Arthur, who ends up eating more throughout the day than he works.... but he's a bit of a mascot.

Please note: schedule times and locations are subject to change without notice. Full refunds will be given to any ReaperCon attendee who cannot attend a specific class within 24 hour of class start time. No refunds or exchanges within 24 hours of class start time.