Fandemic Tour Virtual Fancounter Charmed To Meet You

July 31-August 9, 2020

At Fandemic, it's all about you, the Fan.  Our motto is "Put the Fan first! Put the Fan first! And, put the Fan First!". We are a pop-culture, live events company, a "comic-con" producer with experience producing over 100 fan-based events.  

We formed in 2017 and have hosted shows in Sacramento, CA and Houston, TX. We produce shows because we are fans, too!  Our staff is the best in the business - we call them our "Dream Team".

We promise to bring you the biggest and best guests! Finally, we promise that we will not oversell any of our guests!  

We are so excited to bring your our newly imagined Virtual Fancounter!

You participate right from your own home!  All you need is a reliable internet connection.

You will receive a link to participate on your confirmation email.

Options include:

Virtual Panel Admission:  A 45 minute moderated panel with all of our guests and moderated by Clare Kramer! Admission is only $8.50 and $5 will be donated to charity.  Saturday, 8/1 only.

Autograph:  You may purchase an autographed 8x10 for any guest.  It will be mailed to you after the event.

Virtual Meet & Greet: You may purchase a two minute one-on-one Meet & Greet with any guest.  You and the guest will have the opportunity to interact in a private video chat for 2 minutes.  You will receive a video of your interaction within 24 hours. Simply download it from your Growtix account.

VIP: VIP packages include ALL of the above....and some cool swag that will be mailed to you after the event!

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