Exhibit Spaces

8' Dealer Table (limit 3)

1 8' Dealer Table, with 1 chair and 2 vendor badges.


Artist Table Solo

1 8' Table, 1 chair, and 2 badges


Shared Artist Table

Is 8' just too much table for you to fill out alone but you don't have a good friend to split it with? We can help find someone who will use the other 4'! Includes 1 chair and 1 badge in addition to 1/2 of a n 8' table shared with a nice stranger!


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Exhibit Space Details

Thank you for your interest in setting up as an Exhibitor, Vendor, Independent Publisher, Developer, Crafts Person, Artist, Writer or Filmmaker at The Great Allentown Comic Con! 2019 event which will take place November 2019.

All Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists, etc… will be located in showroom of The Merchants Square Mall.

Our Exhibition Room Hours will be:

* SATURDAY: 10:00am – 7:00pm
* SUNDAY: 10:00am – 5:00pm
* Exhibition Room Set-up: Friday 4:00pm – 9:00pm, Saturday 7:30AM-9:45AM

 Your assignment will be confirmed before the event, but all badges must be picked up at the show and will not be mailed prior to the event.

Assignment of space will be by show management. We will try to accommodate as many special requests as possible but cannot guarantee where you will be located.

Electrical service is available from the Merchant Square Mall. Please remember to order in a timely manner if you wish to receive the early incentive rates.  

Please email Dealers@AllentownComicCon.com or call 610-597-0503 for additional assistance.



Exhibitor & Vendor Tables


Exhibitor/Vendor Tables are 8ft. Each Table comes with exhibitor badges (2 badges for 1 Table, 3 badges for 2 Tables, 4 badges for 3 Tables, and one badge for each additional Table purchased), one eight-foot table, one chair.  Electricity is available for order from the convention center for a fee. Additional exhibitor badges are $15. Badges are non-transferable. Please note that by purchasing exhibitor space at The Great Allentown Comic Con! you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below. There is a 50% deposit required to hold space, with 100% balance due by 8/1/19. Any booth reservations not paid in full by 8/1/19 will be canceled and reservation lost. In the event of booth cancellation, the exhibitor will need to re-apply for space based on availability. All booth reservations made after 8/1/19 require payment in full. No deposits will be accepted after 7/1/18.

ARTIST Table: $90 Discounted Early Bird Rate

Artist Alley is the area of the show designed for established and upcoming artists, writers, filmmakers, and even cosplayers. Artist Tables come with (1) 8 ft long table, 1 chair, and 2 Badges. These tables are placed directly next to each other in a row. Only one space may be purchased per artist. These spaces are reserved for aspiring artists who are selling/promoting their own personal work and MAY NOT be used to sell other merchandise not created by the artist. 



Setup will be on Friday November 22nd from 4PM-9PM and Saturday November 23rd from 7:30AM-9:45AM.  Load-in will occur through doors primarily, as well as assistance. If you require the Loading Dock, you must contact to schedule the specific time, or for Drayage services please contact: 

Paul's Transfer Moving & Storage - 908-859-4443

About The Great Allentown Comic Con! 2019

November 23-24, 2019


Merchants Square Mall

1901 South 12th Street
Allentown, PA