June 4-5, 2021, Phoenix AZ | Hybrid Rifle+Pistol

Come join us for Skeleton Key Tactical's first 2-Day training event in Phoenix. This hybrid schedule features one day on each gun, for a fast-paced class to cover a lot of ground. This is not a beginner class. Day 1 Rifle. Main topics include: -Ballistics basics: bullet weight, barrel length, sight-in distance, optic, and terminal performance -Basic rifle marksmanship: body positions, sight picture and alignment, trigger manipulation -Properly-done, safe anywhere, load and unload procedures -Your Magazines and why they matter (and how to load them correctly) -Prone, sitting/kneeling, standing positions and how to get better at all of them -Proper use of The Two Point Tactical Sling -Reloads (both versions) -Manage your magazines -Dealing with rifle stoppages: an advanced look at remedial action -Multiple target engagements -Shooting on the move Day 2 Pistol. Main topics: - Introduction to the pistol: frame size, caliber, mag capacity and felt recoil - Load and unload anywhere, safely -The Four Main Things: Stance, Grip, Sight alignment and aiming, trigger manipulation -The draw from holster -Build your grip properly and gain consistency in your shooting -Reloads. Zen and The Art of the Mag Change Range location to be passed to shooters upon registration. Minimum gear list: -Rifle plus 4 mags and mag pouches (whatever you use) -2-point adjustable sling, mounted (or whatever you run) -300 rounds rifle ammo -Pistol plus 4 mags and mag pouches -OWB holster (this is not a concealment class) -300 rounds ammo -Eyes, ears, ball cap, sunscreen, folding chair, water and snacks as needed


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Basic Pistol Nov 20-21st, 2021 Sonoma County

Pistol Basic - OPEN TO ALL 2-days of detail oriented, high-level instruction intended to build your foundation properly. Fix your bad habits; learn how to train and analyze yourself, not just burn through valued ammo with nothing to show for your efforts. Main Topics: • Stance: your foundation must be correct • Grip: build your grip from the beginning for consistency and recoil control • Sight Alignment and Sight Picture: sights on target and aligned • Trigger Squeeze: consistent, straight-back trigger engagement • Safe and Efficient loading and unloading sequence that works day or night • The Magazine Change • Multiple Target Engagements • Shoot on the Move • Considerations for pistol defense for home or workplace • Discussions of pistol and ammo selection


Limited Qty Available

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